Latest information

1. The venue for the conference is the building of the West University in Timisoara, str. Vasile Parvan 4 (see the map). There is a single main entrance, easy to identify, and once inside the building there will be signs related to OT25.

Talks will be given in three rooms: A11 (morning and afternoon), A02 and 045C (afternoon). Usual facilities will be provided: laptop, overhead projector, or black/whiteboard.

2. Registration will be open at the University on June 29 between 13-19, and the next days during conference breaks.

3. On June 29 there will be a welcome cocktail at Casa Politehnicii 2, str. Mihai Eminescu 11 (see the map), starting 20:00, and ending around 23:00.

4. If you have chosen student residence for accomodation, the building is called G4, in the campus area (see the map). Technically it has an address on Aleea studentilor, but it is not really used. The area is quite animated late in the evenings, and it is easy to get directions to G4. However, if you arrive during day time, it might be more convenient to register first at the university. There is a permanent guard at the entrance of G4; he/she will have a list with participants lodged there and will give you the key of the room.

5. To get from the airport into town, there is a bus (E4) every hour that gets you to the center of the town; the price of the ticket is 2.5 RON. A taxi should cost you around 25-30 RON.

6. When registering, you will be asked whether you want to have meals (lunch and/or dinner) at Casa Politehnicii 2. The price is 30 RON for each meal. It is not necessary to make your plans for the whole period, but we should know each day until lunch the options for the next day.

Emergency contact number: +40722638975